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Womens Fitness at Harmony in Health


* Barre'  Blast has been cancelled for the month of August.

* No Bootcamp Thursday, August 23rd.

* No Pound class or Body Shop Tuesday, August 21st.

We are what you've been looking for...

 ​​​​​​​​Imagine going to a class that specializes in your favorite type of exercise or blends a couple types of exercise that you love into one.  You're surrounded by energetic people in a social atmosphere where people know you.  The space itself is attractive and upscale.  The class is led by an amazing instructor.  They're playing motivating music, and for an hour, you're pushed to your limits in a unique blend of fun, intensity, and camaraderie (and maybe a little group pain!).



Class Highlights

Barre' Blast

Barre' Blast is an energetic non-stop work-out that shifts between traditional barre' work and high intensity floor moves.  

Body Shop

This overall body conditioning class targets various muscles in the body to properly tone and condition your body.  

Cycle & Core

This class combines a cardio cycling workout and strength training.  It consists of 30 minutes of high-intensity cycling, followed by 15 minutes of core exercise that target the abdominals and lower back.


Aerobic work-outs that focus on cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength and endurance. 

FITT Fusion

Blast calories, burn fat and boost your metabolism with this class.  

Functional Fitness

Functional Fitness helps prepare you for tasks simulating common movements you do at home, at work or in sports.  

KP Boot Camp

KP BootCamp will keep the heart rate elevated while transitioning between cardio and strength intervals to develop strength, balance, flexibility, endurance, coordination, and core stability..


Designed for ALL  fitness levels, POUND provides the perfect atmosphere for letting loose, getting energized, toning up and rockin' out!  


Spinning is a highly effective cardio ​and ​​strength work-out to the beat of awesome music !  Our beginner classes are 30-minutes and you can burn up to 500 calories in the process. 

Target Toning/Toning

Target Toning - Each week focuses on specific muscles of the body:  Arm, Core, Legs.  

Toning - An explosive, total body program aimed at maximizing fat burning and increasing lean muscle mass.  


The main emphasis is on blending philosophies of physical and mental conditioning through stretching and relaxation.  Yoga increases flexibility, while building strength and stamina through various poses and postures.  


Zumba combines Latin dance, hip-hop, martial arts, and resistance training in an upbeat fitness choreography that makes working out tons of fun.  A typical, 60-minute class helps relieve stress, tone muscles, and burn calories.