We are thrilled to offer SilverSneakers FLEX classes!  Listed below are the days, times and descriptions of the classes that qualify as SilverSneaker FLEX classes at Harmony in Health.  Please visit the entire site to learn more about us and feel free to email or call us with questions.

SilverSneakers FLEX Classes


Indoor Cycling (Spinning)* - Monday 6:30 PM, Tuesday 9:00 AM & Thursday 5:00 PM

Indoor Cycling or Spinning is a group exercise class in a fitness studio with stationary bikes.  The intensity of the workout is influenced by cadence (or pedal rate), resistance of the bike's flywheel, and by the rider's body position (seated or standing while pedaling).  Participants determine their own levels of exertion while the instructor encourages and motivates class members throughout the session. 

Strength and Balance* - Tuesday and Thursday 10:00 AM

Strength and balance is important in everyday life and this class will help you improve your ability to feel strong and stable.  Strength exercises may include lifting hand-held weights, stretching resistive tubing and using your own body's resistance while also using your core muscles to improve balance and stability

*Class descriptions provided by SilverSneakers.com.