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Group Fitness at Harmony in Health

Check out the variety of classes we offer

Check out the variety of classes we offer

Check out the variety of classes we offerCheck out the variety of classes we offer

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From our classes to our instructors, we offer something for everyone.  

Comfortable Environment

Our friendly staff and welcoming studio will help you feel at ease and achieve the results you seek.

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Class descriptions by Levels 1-3

Level 1

Level 1

Level 1

Level 1 classes are great for beginners and those seeking classes that include stretching, gentle flow and foundational poses. Modifications are offered during classes to meet the needs of students.

Level 2

Level 1

Level 1

Level 2 classes are slightly more challenging including more flow and more intensity in poses. Level 2 is appropriate for those who have practiced yoga for some time and also those newer to yoga seeking to expand their practice. 

Level 3

Level 1

Level 3

Level 3 classes are for those who are experienced in yoga and wish to challenge themselves to a more intense practice of strength-building through increased pose difficulty and more active flow.

Our classes


Monday 12:00 PM / Level 1-2 / Judy

This is a Level 1-2 Slow Flow and Deep Stretch class:  flow-based moving meditation to warm the muscles followed by holding a series of poses to facilitate deeper work into the connective tissue.


Monday 5:30 PM / Level 1 / Julie

This is a beginner-level class and modifications will be provided for all levels of students.  This class provides a great foundation to the practice of yoga.

Tuesday 8:45 AM / Level 1 / Johnnie

Gentle yoga is especially helpful for those students with aches and pains, arthritis, fibromyalgia, or for students who just need to take a break and allow for healing.  Experience strengthening at a slower rhythm.  Beginners are welcome or those interested in a yoga practice between beginner and Level 1.

Tuesday 5:30 PM / Level 1-2 / Renee

This vinyasa flow class will focus on alignment and fundamentals with modifications offered.  Build strength and flexibility as you move through class with great music and dynamic sequencing.  The following props will be used and are provided:  bolsters, blocks, straps and blankets.

Tuesday 6:45 PM / Beginner-Level 1 / Renee

Yoga 101 - See Yoga 101 flyer below


Wednesday 5:30 PM / Level 1-2 / Judy

This is a Level 1-2 Slow Flow and Deep Stretch class:  flow based moving meditation to warm the muscles followed by holding a series of poses to facilitate deeper work into the connective tissue.  This is a beginner-accessible class.

Thursday 8:45 AM / Level 1 / Kylie

This gentle basics (Level 1) class is traditional yoga at it's best.  You will be guided through a series of poses and breath work tailored toward beginners.  You will leave this class feeling relaxed and peaceful.

Thursday 11:00 AM / SilverSneakers Yoga / Renee

SilverSneakers Yoga will move your whole body through a complete series of seated and standing yoga poses.  Chair support is offered to safely perform a variety of postures designed to increase flexibility, balance and range of movement.  Restorative breathing exercises and final relaxation round out this gentle class.

Thursday 5:30 PM / Level 2-3 / Judy

This power flow class provides a way to build a strong body, mind and spirit.  With a traditional mind, body, breath connection, our goal is to consistently push to find our edge with the "enough, but not too much" philosophy.  We will hold challenging, strength-building poses and deep, opening stretches.  This class is not for beginners, but modifications are provided for different levels.

Thursday 6:45 PM / Beginner - Level 1 / Judy

Yoga 101 - See Yoga 101 flyer below


Saturday 8:45 AM / Level 1-2 / Cindra

This gentle vinyasa flow class is tailored toward the beginner to intermediate-level yogi. We will concentrate on yoga breath, balance and postures with a focus to increase strength and flexibilty, provide relaxation and optimize the health of our bodies and minds.  Equipment used/provided in class includes: blocks. bolsters, straps and blankets.  


Harmony in Health reserves the right to substitute instructors as needed

Our Teachers

Meet Julie

About Johnnie

About Johnnie


"I began practicing yoga in the late 80s after being involved in a serious car accident.  I spent many months in physical therapy and once PT ended, I turned to yoga, which helped me regain my strength and flexibility.  It also helped ease anxiety I was having about driving after my accident.  

Looking to deepen my home yoga practice, I completed my 200 hour/RYT and am registered through Yoga Alliance.  I began teaching in 2016.  I study yogic philosophy, maintain a home practice and meditate daily.  I practice and teach Hatha Yoga and Yin Yoga.  It is my intention as a teacher to help you grow in your own yoga practice."

About Johnnie

About Johnnie

About Johnnie


"I began practicing yoga in 1991 to alleviate stress and find balance.  I had a very busy life (like many) balancing career, children and a household.  My mind was often busier.  I found practicing yoga and meditation made me a better person all around.  

In 2013, I completed my RYT 200-hour program.  I have attended many workshops and training sessions including Rodney Yee, Seane Corn, Kathryn Budig and Max Strom.  

My personal belief is that yoga is for EVERY BODY, every body type, every mental attitude, every age, every athlete and every non-athlete.

I desire to see you on the mat!"

About Judy

Meet Cindra

Meet Cindra


"After teaching high-impact aerobics in my younger years and then working in the corporate world with little time to work out at all, I realized I had to do something, especially when a massage therapist said I was really tight and should try yoga.  I laughed and did not take yoga seriously.  While flipping channels I found a yoga show on television.  I started my practice in my home.  After practicing in front of the television, I hesitantly went to classes with others.  Then in the spring, something happened.

The first round of golf I played after starting my yoga practice, the golf ball went much farther than I ever thought I could hit it.  It was unbelievable!  Golf has been one of my passions.  It had to be the yoga, so I was hooked.  Soon, I realized the physical benefits were just a small part of yoga and I began to gain a deeper understanding of myself and the mind, body, spirit connection.  And so my journey began.  I began a daily practice and attending every workshop my studio held. 

As I gained confidence and self-caring, I wanted to share this feeling, helping others find an authentic path to happiness.  It is my mission to inspire yogis to find balance in their lives and become more aligned in body, mind and spirit.  I guide students through moving meditations and gentle sequences with purpose and integrity to challenge, strengthen and soothe the soul."

Meet Cindra

Meet Cindra

Meet Cindra


Cindra is an exercise enthusiast who had an interest in learning more about yoga, so she began taking classes.  She is an avid swimmer and found a beneficial connection between yoga and swimming through breath, core strength and flexibility.  She and her friend swim each year to raise money for Make-A-Wish in the Kellys Island swim.  

Cindra has been teaching yoga for six years and infuses her energy, passion and love of water into each class that she leads.  She is a certified YogaFit Vinyasa teacher.

About Kylie

About Kylie

About Kylie


I believe I was interfered with by a greater energy to begin my lifetime of yoga studies.  Being relatively new to the area and a new mom, I was not connecting with people my own age, as our lifestyles seemed too different.  I started yoga in my home to lose the baby weight.  After a year of just learning the postures, I found myself branching out to learn a more traditional style.  Then I was introduced to my future teacher and became a follower of Sivananda yoga.  Not only did I grow in my posture practice, but I learned how to live as a yogini and to submerge myself in becoming the best I can be through traditional yoga teachings.  I strive every day to become an influence on others by my lifestyle practice.  Through the books I read, the words I choose to use and the discipline I instill in myself and family, I am beyond humble to live a blissful life full of unconditional love for all.

Meet Renee

About Kylie

About Kylie


Renee is co-owner of Harmony in Health, where her passion for fitness shines brightly.  For Renee, exercise provides a pathway to living her best life.  She is a two-time cancer survivor whose yoga practice played a significant role in her recovery from cancer treatment.  She has experienced yoga's many benefits and feels compelled to share this mind-body-spirit practice with others.  She is a Yoga Alliance certified teacher and enjoys teaching all levels.